Natural stone


Marble, granite, limestone, quartzite, slate and all stone found in the Earth's crust is the result of millions of years of transformation.  Time, heat, tectonic movements, organic matter, water; are all contributors to the different formations and they all in their unique way, tell a story with the fossils, shells, crystals and minerals that make each one of them special.

Since ancient times stone has been a primary resource for building and design. From the pyramids to the great temples, monuments and castles. Today, thanks to great advancements in technology and machinery, we have access to a vast selection of stone from all around the world.  It is still the material of choice for architects, designers and home owners who want to make an impact with their work and the spaces they create.

AVAILABLE FINISHES: Honed & Filled, Honed Unfilled, Brushed & Filled, Brushed Unfilled, Bush Hammered, Sandblasted, Rough Face, Split Face, Hand Chiseled, Scratch Face and Chiseled Edge.

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