Our philosophy centers around customer communication and involvement. Understanding your needs helps us deliver accurate service as well as a high quality finished product.

Dimensional stone

The production of a custom piece based on an architectural drawing and/or field template. It can range from a column to a fireplace, molding, fountain, to a shower bench or countertop… basically any piece that can be conceived by a designer. We manufacture from massive blocks of stone, which allow endless possibilities ( i.e. a Corinthian capital or a profiled crown molding), from adjoining parts that create the impression of a solid piece.

Manufacture and Installation

Our countertop projects range from single family kitchens and bathrooms to hotel bars, lobbies, and staircases. Countertops can be made from an unlimited variety of materials, including onyx, marble, granite, quartz, quartzite, sintered stone, porcelain and semi precious stones. With challenging materials, we use water-jet technology, which results in clean and almost invisible edge lines. The difference of the outcome is in the details.

Technical consulting

Initial consultation. Preliminary sourcing. Pros and cons. Final selection. Fabrication details. Shop drawings. Stone layout and slab count. Sign off. Fabrication. Delivery. Installation. After care. 

All part of a process, all assisted by us. 

Material Sourcing and Procurement

We source specific materials directly from the quarries and factories. Directly from their country of origin and straight to the project site. This service is very beneficial for larger projects that require full container load quantities. We procure and supply stone, porcelain and quartz materials from all around the world.

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